[theforum] Handbags

Jeff Howden jeff at jeffhowden.com
Fri Mar 4 04:41:37 CST 2005


Welcome back from your long absence.

> From: Seb
> Please take the personal attacks offlist. Calling
> someone a "dick" on list is beyond the limit of what we
> tolerate around here, and apologies are in order.

So is goading someone by repeating the same ridiculous rhetoric,
side-stepping the same issues over and over, off-season mating with a red
herring, purposely ignoring context, etc.  Didn't we approve a moratorium on
wind-bags at one point?

Let's get a couple things clear.

1) Asking to take personal attacks offlist is sufficient.
2) Repeating the words or phrases that, in your opinion,
   were transgressions is inappropriate.
3) Stating your opinion and then talking as if everyone
   here feels the same way by referring to "us" or "we"
   is inappropriate.
4) Stating that apologies are in order is absolutely
   pretentious, laughable, and an absofuckinglutely
   guaranteed way to make sure that no apologies are

Now, that said, your comments on this matter are not appropriate for this
list.  Please direct them to the appropriate inbox, offlist.

See, we can all tell each other to take it offlist.  Whatever is your point,

> Once we're live, feel free to go back to bickering,
> just not on this list.

Thank you mother.  May I have another?


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