[theforum] Handbags

Seb seb at poked.org
Fri Mar 4 06:19:35 CST 2005

Hey Jeff,

I'm not going to quote your mail back at you, I'm just going to say 
clearly what I mean. I'm not speaking for anyone else.

You've been an enormous obstruction to this community for a long time 
now. When the community decided that it would leave the exisiting CMS 
behind and migrate towards an open source solution, you made your 
feelings abundantly clear by ridiculing the professionalism of all of 
those people involved, and blocking any attempts by members of the 
community to gain access to the data required to do the job.

You have spent the last few months doing nothing but making life 
difficult for those people who are trying to bring our web platform into 
the present day. Despite now being a paid supplier of services to the 
community, you have ignored repeated requests over a period of months 
from your paying customer. I don't need to speculate about your level of 
professionalism, you've demonstrated time and again how little you 
regard this community and what buying a service from you means.

The appalling levels of conflict, loss of morale, and divisive bickering 
that have resulted from this have really destroyed this community for 
me. I haven't been absent from evolt, I've been trying to work out why 
the hell anyone would want to put up with the kind of bullshit going on 
in this forum on a daily basis.

The great thing is, your insulting, reactionary reply to my email 
demonstrates why I'm now leaving evolt permanently.

To everyone actively helping with the rebuild, I wish you all the best 
of luck, and I hope it goes well. I've really enjoyed my time with evolt 
over the last 5 years. I'll see most of you around.


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