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Alan Lloyd [Hosting Reserve] alan.lloyd at hosting-reserve.co.uk
Fri Mar 4 07:41:00 CST 2005

Seb wrote:
> Hey Jeff,

> You've been an enormous obstruction to this community for a long time 
> now. When the community decided that it would leave the exisiting CMS 
> behind and migrate towards an open source solution, you made your 
> feelings abundantly clear by ridiculing the professionalism of all of 
> those people involved, and blocking any attempts by members of the 
> community to gain access to the data required to do the job.

I have got to agree. From the side lines it looks like the person who 
held us hostage (maybe to stronger term) for our own data is still 
getting to hold us up.

I have not had time to help with the current work on the re-design etc. 
So I would like to say a big thank you to all those that have. The work 
so far is *very* good. Is it as good as the current weo? Yes I think it 
is or more to the point will be.

I loved the line that jeff wrote about not voting to use the bug 
tracker. Doh. If you don't like it don't use it. Just stop posting your 
little bugs to this list. The guys who are actually doing the work asked 
people to report bugs on that tracker. That should be enough. If not 
just don't comment.

Well done to all involved in the re-design (and everything else) From 
the old UK sitcom Porridge 'Don't let the bastards grind you down!'

Alan Lloyd

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