[theforum] Last Chance! Test plan and other stuff that needs to get done

Tara Cleveland evolt at taracleveland.com
Thu Jun 30 10:56:51 CDT 2005

Hi All,

Input on Draft Test Plan

This is the last chance to give your input on the test plan! We're  
going to start testing on Monday... so please, go and read the test  
plan and give your input if you can think of something that should be  
changed or added.

Uncle Evolt Needs You!

We need one more Windows tester. Paul Waring has volunteered... but I  
think it might be a good idea to have two Windows testers. So please  
volunteer if you have a couple of hours next week to spend on it. If  
you want to volunteer for mac and/or linux, the more the merrier (and  
the more chance we have of catching bugs).

HTTP Redirects (correction mod_rewrite rules)

I've had some input from Matt Warden who corrected me by letting me  
know it was mod_rewrite rules that he had worked on.

He said in his email:

  "Once they [the rules he's done] are in either httpd.conf  
or .htaccess at the
site root, then the testing should be: clicking old links, changing
from www.evolt.org to test.evolt.org, and seeing if they still work.
For example:


should go to the drupal article 'evolt_org_On_The_move'.

Note that there is one script that is needed, and that is to grab the
drupal content id (or whatever it's called) based on only the title,
as that is one of the forms in the old site. The rewrite rule is in
place to do this, but there is no script yet, I don't think."

This seems like something that could be tested automatically...?  
Seems like it would be pretty tedious to sit and click on hundreds of  
links... Anyone got ideas for testing it through a script of some kind?

Also, any techie people working on the drupal site (John? Mike?) that  
can put together the script he talks about?


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