[theforum] Last Chance! Test plan and other stuff that needs to get done

Stephane Deschamps stephane.deschamps at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 14:07:00 CDT 2005

> Uncle Evolt Needs You!
> We need one more Windows tester. Paul Waring has volunteered... but I
> think it might be a good idea to have two Windows testers. So please
> volunteer if you have a couple of hours next week to spend on it. If
> you want to volunteer for mac and/or linux, the more the merrier (and
> the more chance we have of catching bugs).

OK, I'll spare a couple of those lunchtime hours.

I've got Win2K with IE6, IE5.5 (the whole 'multiple instance shebang),
Mozilla (older), FF 1.0.4, and a nifty iMac G5 (OSX 10.3) with Safari,
IE5.2 and FF 1.0.4

Will I be useful?

Sory for not having been more active and catchnig up: what do you want
from us precisely?

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