[theforum] Last Chance! Test plan and other stuff that needs to get done

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Jun 30 17:47:27 CDT 2005

On 30 Jun 2005, at 16:56, Tara Cleveland wrote:

> HTTP Redirects (correction mod_rewrite rules)
> I've had some input from Matt Warden who corrected me by letting me  
> know it was mod_rewrite rules that he had worked on.
> He said in his email:
> --------------
>  "Once they [the rules he's done] are in either httpd.conf  
> or .htaccess at the
> site root, then the testing should be: clicking old links, changing
> from www.evolt.org to test.evolt.org, and seeing if they still work.
> For example:
> --------------
> This seems like something that could be tested automatically...?  
> Seems like it would be pretty tedious to sit and click on hundreds  
> of links... Anyone got ideas for testing it through a script of  
> some kind?

Probably only needs a sample doing, rather than the whole lot. In an  
ideal world, you'd automate this, but not sure that's necessary.


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