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Stéphane Deschamps lists at nota-bene.org
Wed Sep 13 01:30:15 CDT 2006

<quote who='Mike King' when='12/09/2006 13:12'>
> If anyone wants to get onto the planet listing, send them through to theforum and I'll add the ones that don't get shot down.  :)
> I feel that there is a future for planet.eo, but it may be slightly different to how it is now (Drupal has a feed aggregator built in). I also feel that it can wait until everything else has settled slightly. If it ain't broke, and all that.

While the future is being discussed, here goes: 

(side note: I know the discussions here have been harsh sometimes these 
last days, but I read it as passion, and it feels good on the whole to 
see some activity again)

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