[theforum] Brief notes on the sanctity of theforum, and double-standards relating thereto

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Sun Sep 17 15:18:31 CDT 2006

On 17 Sep 2006, at 14:59, William Anderson wrote:

>> Aparently he took this spanking fairly personally.  But while I was
>> happy that Alan stirred up the people and got some discussion  
>> going on
>> hereabouts, I was annoyed by the unilateral homepage change.  Just
>> showed a total lack of respect for the way things are done.
> That comment on his user page confirms that lack of respect, and  
> just shows
> Alan to be rather childish in his attitudes.  And after all that  
> bluster too :(

*Shrug* it's not the first pique or scoresettling we've seen in user  
pages, and I
doubt it'll be the last.

I'm planning on doing what I did with the previous episodes: ignoring  
and moving on. We could spend the time & effort towards being super- 
nice and all, but I think it'd be unproductive. Once it's got to this  
stage, it's not going to get pulled back.


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