[theforum] 3 projects: front, back, content

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sat Oct 11 14:47:12 CDT 2008


Ok, because I think it will make roles clearer, I upgraded our account 
on my dime and divided this into three different projects.

1. evolt frontend
2. evolt backend
3. evolt content

These seem to be the three areas that require the most attention, and 
though they connect, they are pretty distinct.

Currently we still have the original project page that was initially 
created... Unless there is a pressing reason to keep that, to avoid 
confusion, can we inactivate it? (I think Adrian might need to do this)

The only thing I see in that original folder that I didn't copy to one 
of the subfolders was Martin's question about CVS.

I'll need to know how version control works for evolt, too. I have some 
SVN experience but not tons.  So if anyone wants to send an "evolt CVS 
quickstart) to this list and/or post it to one of the projects, that 
would be welcome.


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