[theforum] index.cfm 404's (and evolt CMS)

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Thu Oct 23 14:21:51 CDT 2008


.:| would it be possible (and advisable) to set up a server redirect from
.:| someone attempting to access /index.cfm to our homepage?

Iirc we did install an 404-like module in evolt's drupal. Or at least some
sort of a redirect module.
I do not recollect the name of it though, but as the other response to this
thread reveals, there are four different ways to reach to a single article.
That's the module I'm talking about :)
It's a module that gives you the option to create aliases for individual
pages. You'll find it someplace under admin ;)
You should be able to specify that each request for index.cfm is redirected
to the front page


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