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ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Oct 23 15:29:07 CDT 2008

throwing more stuff out here.  do we want to rethink our list policies?
I got b*tchslapped offlist by a css-d guy for top-posting on evolt.  I
suppose I've gotten a bit sloppy or maybe I always have been.  It's true
that most people bottom post, esp nowadays, though archives reveal a
historic combination of techniques on evolt.

I could write a treatise on the relative merits in one situation or
another... but maybe I'm just wrong. And god forbid my casual posting
style offend or confuse the delicate sensibilities of anyone on our list.
(My desire for people to remove sticks from their own posteriors is a
personal thing.)

Should we follow the trend of slapping posters around offlist for all
minor offenses? (I vote "no.") If so, then shall we write a long list of
offenses for which people will be slapped/ejected for?
If so, someone else should write this list!

Erika "the offensive one"

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