[theforum] mailing list rules (content)

Joel D Canfield joel at bizba6.com
Thu Oct 23 15:43:05 CDT 2008

> Should we follow the trend of slapping posters around offlist for all
> minor offenses? (I vote "no.")

um, yeah, what you said.

a polite reminder, once, is fine. a polite reminder, a second time, is
overkill rudeness. cranky whining is idiocy. top or bottom posting may
or may not be superior, but pretending it's important is nonsense.

> If so, then shall we write a 
> long list of
> offenses for which people will be slapped/ejected for?

here it is:

1. murder

that's all I've got.

The community does an excellent job of policing itself. What you
consider a pointless self-promoting commercial link, I might consider a
useful resource. Let's both say so on the list, politely, and leave the
punitive bla out of it.

The one and only time I ever said "Hey, knock that off" on thelist and
signed it as an admin, I was attacked for days by someone who wasn't
even the offending party (who [the op, I mean] admitted that I was 100%
right, and they fully expected to get slapped, and felt better to have
it over with.) This is almost totally unrelated, but the nerkle who
whined at me still gets on my nerves.

I'm all for self-policing. css-d is a much much tighter list. they like
it that way. I participate less than I would, because I color outside
the lines sometimes. our list is friendlier (which took years, in
itself) and I do so want to keep it loose and friendly until there's
some urgent and important reason to tighten up.


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