[theforum] mailing list rules (content)

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Oct 23 16:58:56 CDT 2008

John Handelaar wrote:
> Digest readers, especially (the freaks), are dealt a cruel injustice
> by top-posters involving multiple chunks of near-unparseable
> gibberish.  Assuming we want to keep them (weirdos), it's not a nice
> thing to do.

That's a good point.  My experience is that I'd rather have the *new* 
stuff above so I can see it quickly, the old stuff below for context. 
But it's not all about me, of course.

I was reading back through the list guidelines and to be honest, I think 
our guidelines are *perfect* as they stand.  Professional without being 
overly restrictive, and the first thing is the (you would think would be 
common sense) advice to respect each other.

I am an admin on a PDX networking list aimed toward women...so many 
first-time posters approach with utter trepidation, only post offlist, 
terrified they'll get slapped for doing something wrong. (Perhaps based 
on other list experiences.)

In life, in order to do anything of note, you have to stand forward and 
be willing to risk looking like a fool. I am really proud of evolt, that 
the old-timers here, when they need to educate or remind, they almost 
always do so with kindness.  To me, that's true class.


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