[theforum] front end ideas/mockup : feedback please

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Oct 23 23:37:33 CDT 2008

Martin Burns wrote:
> One thing I'd *really* like is to have a home page that isn't the 
> articles list (at least, for anon-users) - that really does a good job 
> of selling what we do (and/or explaining "What *is* this place then?")

just to be clear, my idea was, on the front:
- "the web workers world community" across the top
- "workers of the web evolt!" bottom right corner
- key real estate top right corner area has a *pithy*
explanation of who we are, w/ links to dig deeper including "about us."

( *if* the person were logged in, that corner would be
replaced with logged-in user menu.)

"about us" would be a summary, faq, links... and then links to deeper 
history/context.  also, if we don't have a separate community page, we 
should link Martin's map from "about us" (right now, we have NONE of 
this stuff)

I've been thinking through a lot of
historical "about us" info going back to stuff like this

this would all be published as pages, not articles.

Also have the idea that "About Us" would lead to a "Goodies"
page ... w/ stuff like iPhone webicons, cafepress gear, aardvark's foldy 
cubes... remember how in the old webmonkey the "about us" page would 
lead to the webmonkey hideout? that's where monkeyjunkies was linked 
(and lots of crazy shit... Han Solo coloring contest, anyone?)

I kind of feel like our article-list front page is a tradition, but I 
can be open minded.  It was pretty cool when we had a lot of good 
articles -- could this happen again?


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