[theforum] front end ideas/mockup : feedback please

Adrian Simmons adrinux at perlucida.com
Sat Oct 25 06:22:01 CDT 2008

I'm back from my travels, though still busy till next week...

Erika wrote:
> throwing another design idea on the fire for you all to comment on. 
> *please*  feel free to pick it to pieces.

1. Branding
evolt has a history of a black top bar for the logo and branding, and imnsho 
those cubes just look better on black.
Although I like the idea of changing the colour of the page 'chrome' for 
weo/beo/leo, I don't like the idea of changing the colour of the branding in 
each section.
The enlarged cubes also look a bit play-school, I think small bright cubes 
work better.

suggestion: stick with a consistent branding area in the header (and maybe 
footer), preferably with a black background.

2. user account/login
In a community site user account/login really deserves it's own block or 
area, I don't like the idea of tucking it into the main page content.

3. individual article pages
Hooray for not having three columns, but the ideas I've been kicking around 
my head involve a single column on article pages, why distract someone 
reading an article? Stick all those blocks including author info *after* the 
article, fat footer style if you see what I mean. Also gives more width for 
long lines of code.

In general I think we need to get away from the 1998 'sidebar' concept and 
think more in terms of grids and columns :)

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