[theforum] someone help me fix it?

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Fri Oct 24 19:19:47 CDT 2008

.:| Thinking I should attempt to put everything back the way it was...

That would probably solve the problem, if the problem is the css. 
But if you can solve it differently, with a better solution, that is ...
well, better :)

.:| Elfur, what is a flush tag?  do you mean a CSS float?

Hey, I did put a "haven't done css in years" caveat in the last email. I
probably am refering to float, but I wouldn't know.
I remember that there's a css attribute that "flushes" definitions of
alignments of some sort. Or was it float, to maintain definitions of
alignments ... hehe (shrug).

You should probably try the float thing on a local version of the site and
see what it does.

 Is page layout
.:| included within the movable content blocks?  Is that normal???  will
.:| the
.:| next site be built this way?

The layout is set in the theme template and man we did try our best to do
everything *the right way*, but we might have put a flush/float/whatever
attributes on certain styles in the css, to make the template display
exactly as we intended.

The template for the layout is something that is created for each version.
This version was built this way, I'm not the best person to explain why, but
I'll accept responsibility as one of the persons building it :)
The next site will be built the way you want it to be built and possibly
(even probably) it will not include the errors we made ;)

(I'm a lawyer, not a weaver :))

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