[theforum] the fix

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Fri Oct 24 20:03:56 CDT 2008

Thanks to the wayback machine I discovered that the issue was simple; 
the main article page should not have *any* content blocks on the right, 
so it was just a matter of moving a block back to the left.  As easy to 
fix, as to break.  This is how a CMS should work. And, evolt.org Drupal 
has been removed from my sh!tl!st.  (Plone is still there.)

My article, still does not display so great, however, due to the fact 
that I decided to classify it under four catgories, creating a long 
horizontal line of text which pushes everything to the right over, and 
down.  This is a design flaw. :)  according to me.

Erika *the expert one*

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