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Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Tue Nov 4 19:32:36 CST 2008

Boudewijn Vahrmeijer wrote:
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 > hi,
 > I have build up a lot of knowledge throughout the last two years with
 > my project called LeerWiki.nl (Dutch community about Learning &
 > Writing)

To me this sounds like an great idea.  I personally love that he sends 
an inquiry letter first.

It kind of brings to the forefront, also, something I was just thinking 
about on my walk this evening, which is how we used to kick around the 
idea of accepting articles in non-English languages (circa 2001).
very long thread here:

I'm struck by how much evolt's non-English-as-a-native-language userbase 
has grown since those days... but of course the issue is evaluating an 
article in a language that no admin speaks.  It seems like our spammer 
base has grown, too.  (We do have a Dutch-speaker here though, don't 
we... should we tell him to write in Dutch???)

Another option is to edit non-English speakers' articles a bit more 
thoroughly.  (Maybe we already do this.) I'd be willing to help with that.

One of my many hidden agendas is I would like to bring myself forward 
more in the workforce as a content-producer/editor type (it's part of my 
web dev identity crisis)... and though I've done a lot of that over the 
years, it's never been my primary role.  So it would be nice to have 
another thing to put on my resume.

I think we should welcome this article, in some way. And promptly.

shall I write him OR....?

*new here in contentville*



> When I came to your website I thought that it could be nice to write
> something for you about optimization-by-designing. 
> For instance, I could supply you with my knowledge about optimization
> by colors. I have done several studies about changing colors of the
> website to achieve different goals (like getting more people to
> register / getting more people to use ads etc)
> I would like to know if you are interested in this kind of material,
> cause of course I could use my time for other things.
> please let me know
> with kindest regards
> Boudewijn Vahrmeijer
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