[theforum] reminder: revised content for evolt.org pending

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Wed Nov 5 12:05:15 CST 2008

This is an email to remind that I have posted revisions to evolt.org
content on http://test.evolt.org and am awaiting feedback/edits/screams of
protest before posting them to evolt.org

if none of those things happen, I'll move forward w/ posting the revised
content sometime in the next few days.

There is a chunk of brief "about us" info for the front page, currently on
the right-hand sidebar of t.e.o. -- however, I believe the entire
right-hand sidebar has been removed from the front of evolt.org (good
move, IMO), so I'm not sure where I'd place it on the current w.e.o...or
if I should.  Suggestions welcomed.

The other revisions are both linked on the upper left-hand corner of t.e.o:
"About Us" and "Submit an Article" both of which link to some deeper
revised content.  Afterward, I would like to remove Christian's 2004 "How
to Get Published" article from the front page of w.e.o. (and link to it
from writers' guidelines) Objections?

Minor edits, typos, capitalization issues, spelling that needs to be
anglicized... all would welcomed, on the t.e.o content.  Larger issues?

After that, I'd like to look at some typography issues... or better yet, a
new front-end design.

you have been warned... :)


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