[theforum] evolt.org layout/typography driving me nuts

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Nov 10 01:24:44 CST 2008

On 10 Nov 2008, at 02:03, Erika wrote:

>> Featured article.
> Makes sense to highlight it more *if* there's a reason to do so...
> though I'd start with using color/shape to highlight and change font  
> as
> a last resort.

Yeah, I came to the same conclusion:
(which had a similar but related style for recent content ie a week or  
so - achieved in the PHP - so the two didn't need to get conflated)

> Regarding styles on the <p>, I find they frequently result in problems
> and it usually works better to put styles (such as padding and
> line-height) on whatever div is wrapping it together, and then take
> styles off as needed for individual elements.  Just my experience.

seems to be fixed now...


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