[theforum] Nasty accusations: knock it off

Elfur Logadóttir elfur at elfur.is
Mon Nov 17 17:49:24 CST 2008

.:| Um, no, I believe that the accusations did not start here. And I'm
.:| seeing a significant amount of hypocrisy and plain old lies. I've
.:| just
.:| had enough of it.
.:| You're aiming at the wrong target.

Actually, I am planning on aiming at *anyone* who escalates any types of
accusations when it comes to money and/or donations and/or support.

Enough is enough and I don't think anyone should call on anyone's hypocrisy
and/or lies.

However someone chooses to spend their life and their money - and however
that someone chooses to give information regarding that spendage (is that a
word :)) - that is up to them and not for us to challenge - at least not
publicly anyways.

You made a pledge, one that I did not read in the same way as Tara and
Tara's response was, in my opinion, quite harsh. But you did escalate the
accusations and that I'm asking that you don't do ... if anyone else tries
that I will ask them to do the same.

So, let's have this thread over and done with before it does any more


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