[theforum] Funding evolt: responsibility

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Tue Nov 18 09:10:56 CST 2008

Some crazy 'murican galoot asked:

>>How do, y'all, feel about a PBS style approach?

... without 'splainin' whut the heck this "PBS" thing is to our non-US-ian contingent.

PBS is the 'Public Broadcasting System' in the US.  It's a TV channel.  It's the only place you can see things like 'Masterpiece Theatre', David Attenborough nature shows, or offbeat (often British) TV comedy series.  It's a broadcast or "free" television channel which does no advertising.  [Arguable, but anyway.]

The big deal is that once or twice a year each individual, local, PBS TV station (usually housed at a local university) interrupts most of their programming to nag viewers to pledge money and "become members".

It's a very very well-known thing here ... I'm sure y'all have something comparable in yer backyard.

Culturally blindered,

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