[theforum] A sound of silence

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Nov 20 11:50:10 CST 2008

I too would like to see more regular activity on the forum.  I'd like to
see more people sharing what they've been working on. "Release early,
release often."

If everyone here is "too busy" to be active participants all or most of
the time, I think we need to look at building a bigger admin group. 
"Given enough eyes, all bugs are shallow."

Like Matt, would like to hear (again, maybe *from* Matt) ideas about
energizing evolt.

I really would like people to be kinder to each other, to assume the best
in people, not the worst.  If someone always pushes your buttons, just
don't engage w/ that person, or at least not on list.  PICK YOUR BATTLES.

We had an important funding discussion going on that seems to have been
cut short, now.  I know what *I* took from it, though we never really came
up with any concrete strategy, or no one stood forward and said "I would
like to do this" such that we have anything to look forward to in terms of
action.  Does someone want to act on this issue?  If so, how?

Maybe we could get an update from David: regarding remaining funds?  so we
know how much time we have to come up with, and implement, an appropriate


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