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Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Thu Nov 20 17:29:34 CST 2008

On 18 Nov 2008, at 12:42, Tara Cleveland wrote:

>> I like being the anarchist web group, and the EXPERIMENT of it all is
>> enough to hold my interest most of the time, even when the  
>> seems frustratingly limited at times.  Leadership happens in a  
>> ground-up
>> manner.
> --------
> Again, I think we need balance. In my experience with evolt we seem to
> lurch from one extreme to the other. I think we need experimentation
> with a little direction - ie a way to capture the discoveries and good
> things that come from that experimentation and make them into
> something useful and long-lasting. I suppose what I'm saying is I'd
> like us to have a *little* direction. Enough to get somewhere with
> those great ideas, but not so much that we quash people's spirit.
> Hmm... perhaps I'm just wittering on now.

I think that's absolutely spot on; most revolutions in history came  
unstuck when trying to sustain the revolutionary spirit while having  
to be practical (doing things like keeping the trains running, the  
populace fed and so on).

The historical precedent for doing this is to regularly find an  
internal enemy and purge. That would be A Bad Thing.

(reading The Federalist Papers and watching the HBO special on John  

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