[theforum] back to basics

ekm at seastorm.com ekm at seastorm.com
Thu Nov 20 18:11:10 CST 2008

Re: new ideas, fresh ideas, etc.  I think that people should just float
them here, wait a couple days for
protests/arguments/concerns/thoughts/feedback/objections, and if none
come, say, w/in 48 weekday hours, start to carry out your task.  If they
do come, modify accordingly.  I suppose the exception would be in the case
of some hugely drastic action.  I trust everyone here has decent judgment.

As Martin very helpfully pointed out to me when I started trying to make
something happen, people on theforum are far more apt to *object* to
something, than to *give permission* for an action.  So give people a
chance to object, and if there is no objection w/in reasonable time (which
I would say is 48 weekday hours), accept that you have consensus. IMO.
Also I think, ping to theforum again *after* something changes.

Re: IA.  It is hard to accept that after working very hard on designs that
we decide to rethink the site from the ground up. YET! I completely accept
it.  I accept that sometimes you need to get to step 6 to realize you
should have done something different at step 1 or 2.  I based my designs
on Martin's colophon and my understanding of what evolt is and does.  I
have an HTML layout, based on all your feedback from the first PSDs (up to
and except the whole "rethinking" evolt concept that came up pretty late
in the process), nearly done, and assuming most of it was uploaded (I
can't recall exactly for sure ATM) and is salvageable when my computer
returns, I intend to finish it.

I further agree that Martin's design is tweakable and could be a fine
design to move forward with.

I even further agree that IA ia a good idea, and should Tara wish carry
that ball, that is great too.  I mostly just don't want to stop moving
forward based on what somebody else *may* or *may not* do. Again, in the
spirt of "release early, release often," it can't hurt to have more
feedback from more places, no matter what.

Also, any information anyone collects re: Front End... for example Tara's
wireframes... would be cool if you post them to the teamwork frontend site
(see footer link); that way they are all in one place for easy reference.


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