[theforum] Outdated FAQ issues

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Nov 24 15:23:25 CST 2008

On 24 Nov 2008, at 21:05, Erika wrote:

> (I try to resist questioning the value of the big loud sticky posts
> (BLSP) on top of our pages.... but you all know that question keeps
> coming up for me...WHY? Why do it at all, and why make that visual
> distinction the way we are doing. What are we trying to convey?)

and I keep answering it :-)

For featured articles.

> How many of these articles could benefit from an update, and is  
> there a
> good way to make the older articles fall down deeper into our archives

iirc, if they were pages rather than articles, you can assign weight  
to them - larger weights sink.

> And BTW
> I can't figure out how to physically update evolt.org/faq... so.  Need
> help on this one, for anything to happen.

It's just a category, that's why.


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