[theforum] Publicity/testimonial in return for free teamworkpmaccount?

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Tue Nov 25 07:45:23 CST 2008

Hi Adrian,

"adrinux" <adrinux at gmail.com> wrote:
> We've been offered a free account in return for publicity etc:
> "What would you guys say to us giving you a free version of the
> Personal Plan (Existing account your on) in return for some publicity,
> testimonial etc?" Dan
> So:
> Do we want this?

I don't have an opinion.  I used it briefly, looked just like Basecamp to 
me.  But if you guys have found it useful that's great.  Basecamp (and 
Teamworkpm) seem to be aimed at "contractors" who deal with direct clients, 
but who outsource some or all of the work to other designers, developers & 
programmers.  And while that's a common business model in our industry, it 
doesn't work for us -- our clients are typically tech-savvy IT people, 
in-house developers, system admins and their CTO's.  Basecamp didn't meet 
our needs in dealing with them.  Our clients need to see our svn commits 
and submit bugs, track tickets, etc.  So we manage projects using Mailman 
mailing lists plus bugzila, or Trac.

But as I said, if the service is helpful to this process then, yes, we want 
this!  Has it been helpful to you?

> What can we provide in return?

I don't think evolt should trade product endorsements for free serveices, 
quid pro quo.  But I wouldn't mind if a member of our community who 
genuinely likes, and uses TeamworkPM, and who writes articles well, 
submitted an article about how they use it and why they like it.  I suspect 
it would get approved if it was aimed at web developers, useful to them, 
well written, and wasn't too shameless a testimonial.  And I wouldn't mind 
if TeamworkPM donated services to members of the evolt community who used 
those services to help manage projects they are working on with evolt.

Does anyone else object?

> When can we provide it?

How fast can you -- or Erika... write?  :-)


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