[theforum] internationalisation

Erika ekm at seastorm.com
Sun Dec 7 10:56:35 CST 2008

Martin Burns wrote:
> Well, that was the argument for splitting out thesite (and then desdev 
> etc) in the first place.
> I mean, suck it and see, but don't be surprised if it ended back here.

Erika knows, Erika was here at that time.  For some reason, I have a 
feeling about this one... not that it's going to be a permanent state of 
affairs, but that as we are taxiing down the runway, there will need to 
be a lot of focused discussion.

Does the forum then not object if this list becomes particularly noisy 
in regards to this one topic for a period of time that may last weeks or 
months?  How much of a PITA is it for the list admins to set up an i18n 


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