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Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Thu Dec 11 14:57:37 CST 2008

I dunno, maybe it's an age thing, but I don't get twitter - life is too
short to take time out and witter about rubbish in my life - I mean wtf do
YOU care about it. I am  a great fan of the immaculate Stephen Fry -
@stephenfry -and he is an inveterate witterer (Bless his little cotton
socks) even from the wilds of Madagascar. I just don't have the time to
twitter ..........

Enlighten me!


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>-Does a pretty good job integrating twitter with their website.
>-"Each and every Friday we reach out to other Twitter users and ask them
>-what kind of problems they are experiencing with their BlackBerry
>-devices. The response is always good. Some do not have problems at all,
>-but just need some advice about BlackBerry software or accessories that
>-would help them increase their productivity."
>-I wonder if, and how, evolt.org could use twitter to enhance
>-communication in le community.  What could we do with a twitter
>-Does anyone know who this is?
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