[theforum] Bits from the Finance Front

Simon MacDonald simonmacdonald at uk2.net
Thu Jan 22 09:22:44 CST 2009

>-> help from being unanswered, and any other possible problems that
>-> arise from no one feeling entitled to take ownership of evolt? I
>-> nominate Erika.
>-i'll +1 that...

Add my +1 to that. 

I've never met Erika, but in the short time I've been involved she is the
one person who seems to be herding the kittens in the same direction ...

Ummm, that kinda leads to the catch 22 question - if evolt.org can't make
decisions how do we proclaim Erika interim leader (assuming, of course, that
she wants the honour).

I say it should be a defacto decision and should stand unless anyone else
claims the title, or objects strongly (including Erika!).


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