[theforum] evolt schwag help requested

Luther, Ron Ron.Luther at hp.com
Fri Jan 23 08:32:02 CST 2009

Erika Meyer said:

>>Sorry, apparently "thinking about a response" and "responding" are two different things.

Heh.  *Great Line* ... and a great <segue />

FWIW, the following has been sitting, unfinished, in the 'draft' folder of my email client for quite a while now:
I'm willing to try to hunt around for info like this:
99Dogs http://www.99dogs.com/

Not quite sure about Google Base

But that was about as far as my research got.  ;-(

Saw a factory tour video on an agile mfg site recently of a really _great_ custom apparel shop out of Canada, but they are Very high quality ($$) and their minimum lot size is, I think, 70 pieces - so I don't think we can do that.  [Think kind of custom color, custom cut, custom logo, embroidered, embossed, custom zipper tagged full Mack Daddy 'evoltified' North Face jacket ... Yeah, they do stuff like that.  Woooooot!]

+1 on exploring new vendors and new ideas like the embroidery
+1 on new fun products and designs

-1 on handling our own stocking and distribution.  

Sorry.  Not our expertise.  Yeah, we get a lower profit margin on farming out the just-in-time production and logistics.  <shrug />  I think it's worth it to ensure a consistent and 'high quality' end user experience.  

However ... Maybe this isn't an 'all or nothing' proposition?  Can we split the difference?  ?  ?  Just thinking out loud here, but I'm wondering if it would be possible to give some kind of bulk rate discount to evolters who want to do a small promotion or fund raiser?

Example 1 - Suppose we had some evolter doing a speaking tour of their new book (or a concert tour with their new album).  Can we let them buy 10 kewl new T shirts at cost to give away as promotions?

Example 2 - Suppose we have an evolter doing a car wash / bake sale (completely on their own) to raise money for our hosting costs or to help purchase some shiney new software license.  Could we let them buy 10 skullcap/dew rags at cost to sell on our behalf where they would send the profit in to Dave later?

I'm just Sayin'


(F* Yeah!  Where's my lucky evolt skullcap?!  I'm ready to ride some Code!!  Tappity-Vroom-Tap!)


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