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adrinux adrinux at gmail.com
Fri Feb 20 08:22:00 CST 2009

2009/2/20 Tara Cleveland <tara.cleveland at gmail.com>:
> After the reading the article I'm not sure I'd call that "design by
> community", but would call it "surveying your users after design and
> making adjustments".
True up to a point :)  But it was a wee bit more interactive than
that. The card sorting on layout of various page elements is what I'm
thinking of specifically.

> and whether or not you think the
> drupal.org redesign was a successful bit of good design (which I think
> is debatable).
It's not actually live yet, and thus, I think, not even properly
debatable (yet).

> we'd get the hundreds of responses she says are necessary for the results
> (I don't think we would)
Agreed. We've shrunk too much already I think.

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