[theforum] Financial situation

David Kaufman david at gigawatt.com
Mon Sep 7 12:53:18 CDT 2009

Hi Dean,

Dean Mah wrote:
> 1) Drupal 4.6.1 does not work out of the box on tron.  There is a  
> session problem.

Yes because we're running PHP 5:

   according to this page:

we should be able to upgrade to the last 4.x release, (4.7.11 which 
supposedly fixes the php5 compatibility issues) and run the site as-is 
on tron.

> 2) The evolt.org theme does not work on versions of Drupal > 4.
 > This means that we cannot move the w.e.o without someone getting
 > Drupal 4.6.1 working and we cannot upgrade to a newer version without
 > a theme. As well there was a major database change between 4.6 and 4.7
 > which makes the data migration more painful than it normally would be.

I'll tackle getting the exiting site migrated to tron on Drupal 4.7.11 
temporarily (if I have to compile a stand-alone apache 1.3x and PHP 4 
module for it!) to buy us some time.

I Definitely Do Not want any the completion of any Drupal theme 
development blocking the migration this time.  Then, once we have the 
site as is, on tron, we'll have the breathing room necessary to (dare 
we?) setup proper dev environments, test new themes and stage upgrades 
to Drupal 5, 6 and & 7 :-)

> l.e.o can be moved. The only major hurdle is to merge the archives and  
> mbox files from when the lists were running on tempest and tron.
> There is also the problem of babysitting switchover. Last time I use  
> netcat to redirect the smtp port traffic on tempest to tron
> I probably won't have dedicated time to work on these problems until  
> middle of Sep or early Oct.

No problem.  We have a couple of months right now before we have dip 
into the cookie jar again :-)

So, if I tackle weo, you handle leo and William moves beo (he posted 
recently he will soon), then we are on our way to being able to jettison 
tempest into deep space and nuke it. </another Silent Running reference>


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