[theforum] Browsers, un-mirrored (was: Re: Cut Over)

William Anderson neuro at well.com
Wed Oct 6 08:20:45 CDT 2010

On 6 Oct 2010, at 13:27, David Kaufman wrote:

> Hi Neuro,
> OK I've downloaded the browser archive, ~14 gigs over http, to tron from:
>  http://www.mirrorservice.org/sites/browsers.evolt.org/browsers/
> The files are on tron in the directory:
>  /home/tempest/BEO/browsers
> Having mirrored these with wget, there are index.html files for each directory which are clearly www.mirrorservice.org's site design, but i hope this will allow us to get BEO back up and running.
> The lastupdated.txt file says: 2009-07-15 11:09:20 CDT
> I hope we didn't have lose any changes we'd made since then...
> Can you help me sort out what to delete from these files, and where to put the rest?

hey all,

sorry for the hassle with this, i've just been stowed with work.  I've sacrificed a lunch break and gotten beo sorted out.  The stuff in /local/web/browsers.evolt.org was fine, just that it refers to a local copy of the browser archive itself in /local/web/archive.browsers.evolt.org which didn't exist, hence the 'invalid path' errors.  This copy is used to provide all the metadata to the beo site without serving up any browser archive data to users from beo itself (and thus saving us bits on the wire, the mirrors serve up the actual browsers).

I've moved Dave's wgotten copy of the archive to /local/web/archive.browsers.evolt.org and then done an rsync --delete on it against my mirror in france so that any extraneous cruft from the uk mirror has been removed.  Everything is now up to date and running again.  Soz for any hassle caused.  Next things for me to do is get rsync.evolt.org running again for the uk mirror to update itself, and try to remember the cron jobs I ran to make http://browsers.evolt.org/mirrors.php update every day :)

again, apols for any hassle or delays i've caused :(


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