[theforum] Zombie!

Martin Burns martin at easyweb.co.uk
Mon Nov 18 09:34:24 CST 2013

Marlene, Dex, Bob, Amanda
Perhaps even some of the WM guys

Good call on djc & .jeff - a decade is too long to be pissed at each other.

Kind Regards/Med vänlig hälsning
Martin Burns 

"If you are very strong, you also have to be very nice" - Pippi Långstrump

On 18 Nov 2013, at 15:19, Adrian Roselli <Roselli at algonquinstudios.com> wrote:

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>>> I had been thinking about folk like Dave McLean, Matt Haughey,
>>> Peter-Paul Koch, David Ulevitch, Jason Kottke to be getting started
>>> with ... people who are well known in and outwith webdev circles, who
>>> have been list members and contributors, and who have helped us out in
>>> the past (e.g. davidu via everydns did our DNS until we self hosted
>>> and davidu went off for world domination via opendns).
>> OK, I've sent messages to all of them, and I've also pinged Jeff and djc to see
>> if they'd like to add anything.  Anyone else I should be pinging?  Anyone from
>> the early days who has drifted off and that I've forgotten?
> Isaac? Tab Atkins? Christian Heilmann? Eric Meyer? Jeffrey Zeldman?
> The latter two because of connections to or contemporary position around evolt.org.
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