[thesite] 14 days and counting..

Elfur Logadottir elfur at lists.evolt.org
Fri Dec 1 13:42:34 CST 2000

I'm heading out for the evening, but this is my status:

What I've done is pretty much what I can do for now (at
least that's what I think) This is mainly because there is
too much programming left on the part I have (the
member/user pages + login/out)

I've offered Marlene help with her part, but haven't had any
reply yet, and don't dare to just start without asking

Anyways, I will talk to you tomorrow, figuring this out.

*the partying one rests*

From: "Daniel J. Cody" <dcody at oracular.com>

| Just wanted to see where we're at with test.evolt.org this
| Jeff? 'Nuh? Elfur? Rudy? David? Special Ed? Adrian?
| Just wonering what we have done and what we have yet to
finish up.

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