[thesite] 14 days and counting..

Marlene Bruce marlene.bruce at colemandesign.com
Fri Dec 1 17:58:48 CST 2000

Here I am. I'm way behind on thesite, so I'll read the most recent posts to
make sure I'm on target for my immediate duties. Just got caught up on
admin. Dave, I just read your email from the 28th (thanks, I'm feeling
better...it's been a hectic week too). I'll be in touch with both you and
Elfur this weekend. I'll plow through my responsibilities over the next few

Do we have a target for when our stuff needs to be done? Monday? Wednesday?
How much time do we want to leave to weed out final bugs before the 14th?
Sorry if this kind of schedule stuff has already been decided on, or if it's
implied in the work everyone's doing. Anyone wanna give me a recap?

I'll be online again in a few hours.


> ----------
> From: 	Elfur Logadottir
> I've offered Marlene help with her part, but haven't had any
> reply yet, and don't dare to just start without asking
> first.

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