[thesite] Bug?

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Sun Dec 3 11:36:57 CST 2000


: From: David McCreath
: I don't know if this constitutes a bug, but while
: playing around with some of the comment
: documents, I was trying to find the comment
: search (which I still haven't found... is it an
: admin function?).


it's not really an admin function, but it's also not fully developed yet
either.  i'm still having some issues with the search functionality.

: Anyway, while looking at a comment, I started
: plugging actions into the query string based on
: app_comment to try to get to the comment search.
: So I tried "delete" and I got a 404 message, but when
: I went back to the article that the comment was attached
: to, I realized that I had deleted it! It was one of Elfur's
: comments (sorry, E. :(), not mine which is what concerns
: me.

i'm curious what the url looked like.  could you reconstruct what you did
and post it?

: Do we need to have a confirmation *page* instead of
: just a dialogue box? I'm just thinking about malicious
: deletion of comments, and I guess anybody bent on
: deleting someone else's comment would just answer
: yes, but is there some way to prevent that from happening
: (deleting a comment by adding "delete" to the query string)?

well, since only the author of a comment or an admin should be able to
delete a comment, i just went ahead and put in that exact logic.  so, unless
you own the comment or have the appropriate level of access you shouldn't be
able to do this again.



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