[thesite] the test evolt site

rudy Rudy_Limeback at maritimelife.ca
Tue Dec 5 14:53:24 CST 2000

i'm using netscape 4.04 and i have the following problems with the test 

1.  why is there a horizontal scrollbar?

2. why is there a gap between the top black tab/bar and the rest of the 

3. how do i enlarge the text in the main light green content area and the 
top of the dark green sidebar down the right? (beginning with the word 
Submit, the size is okay, but above that it's too small)

i logged in and went to "Edit Style" but i have no idea what to change -- 
i saw something called SIDE but it didn't seem to affect the sidebar, and 
i saw something called SIDEBAR but there was no font size option

actually, i just went and changed *every* instance of font size (about a 
dozen places) to 32px, but nothing happened when i hit Save Style -- do i 
have to log out and back in again for it to take effect?  or is this 
feature not working? assuming it will be working when we launch, will 
there be instructions? i found the "Edit Style" page quite intimidating

4. did we abandon the idea of the new sexy urls?  every page i went to had 
a url with a question mark in it

  e.g. http://test.evolt.org/style/evolt.borg?action=edit

5. is anybody working on the cf code for "Edit Account" -- i thought this 
was half done already (i do remember inserting some test data for dan and 


slow day at the office

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