[thesite] Things..

Daniel J. Cody dcody at oracular.com
Tue Dec 5 15:42:44 CST 2000

Heya gang -

Finally got all our stuff moved into the new place, and have some time 
to check out email and that kinda stuff..Couple updates:

The new place is really kick ass. Jen and I had a couple friends help 
move us in, and most of the stuff is there.. now its just a matter of 
unpacking it all and trying to find where the hell my clean socks 
are..being with a roomate(if thats what you call it, also known as 
"Living in Sin") for the first time in 2 years is taking a bit of 
getting adjusted to.. i'm used to coming home from work, throwing 
clothes everywhere and leaving empty beer bottles everywhere(as rudy, 
jeff, and marlene can attest ;).. now theres like this other person 
there. and even though i've known her for a long ass time, its still 
kinda wierd :)  things are going ok though, and i'll actually be sending 
out christmas cards(if people not on the admin list want one, send me 
your address so i can shoot you one :) this year.. another one of those 
things that women get on men to do..

javi - if you have a chance, can you look into a wine from chile for me 
called 'La Playa'? jen and i had a bottle(payment for contract work for 
wines.com a couple years back) last night for our first night in the new 
place, and it was really good. it was a merlot, but i'm interested more 
in the vineyard. i'd be interested to see if you could ship some up to 
me(at my expense of course :) if it works for ya..

I'll be putting in my two weeks at Oracular tomorrow as I've accepted a 
job with a firm in Milwaukee called stark media 
(http://www.starkmedia.com ) its pretty much the same thing I'm doing 
now, just on a larger scale with more responsibility and a much much 
better working enviornment. I'm excited about the new job to say the 
least.. Jen only works about 5 blocks away in downtown Milwaukee, so 
we'll be able to commute together which will kick some serious ass :)

Still don't have internet access at my new place yet, so I'll only be 
able to communicate during the day for the next couple days.

christ my emails always turn into fucking dissertations..

Still catching up on email here and on thesite and stuff, more to come 
soon hopefully.. Hope everyone is having a nice holiday season thus far :)


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