[thesite] yawn ... a little todolist I noticed ... but I have to go to sleep now

Elfur Logadottir elfur at elfur.is
Wed Dec 13 20:51:37 CST 2000

There are a few things that I have questions about, but
don't know who will handle it:

1. Advanced search result (if different from simple search

- is showing the word "score" before each title.
- on the sidebar there is a ? behind "Recent threads on
    - - is it supposed to be?
- on the sidebar: the latest threads aren't the latest, the
ones over there are old.
- article has strange comment logging i.e.:
    Martin's tao article has the following:
    - - - comments: 0 - new: 1  >>>>> one new of 0??
    - - - when I went in an took a look ath this new comment
         - there still were only 0 comments and after that
none new.
-  All the comments have [no title] (the comments on the
sidebar when logged in)

perhaps it's a little disorganized, but that's because it's
already 3.00 AM and I wake up at 7.30 each morning

*the sleepy one rests for the evening*

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