[thesite] sign up page redone

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Dec 13 22:40:39 CST 2000

Dan, Adrian (anybody that wants to look) --

At Dan's request, I worked on the HTML on the signup page:


I went way beyond Dan's request, though and reworked the page pretty
heavily. I think it falls in line with the rest of the site, but please look
at it and tell me if something doesn't look right.

There is one weird piece of behavior (and it was doing this before I started
working on it). If you're logged in, the page gets totally fux0red right
after the username input field. Something cfif tag that's supposed to
populate some of the fields and a hidden input. I don't know if that's an
issue or not. How much will registered users need this page?

I'm around if anybody has input, but I might not be right in front of my
computer (working on a print ad for my wife's business on another machine).


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