where we stand (was: RE: [thesite] yawn ... a little todolist I noticed ... but I haveto go to sleep now)

David McCreath mccreath at ak.net
Wed Dec 13 23:44:08 CST 2000

> ya.. its a link to thelist in case people are wondering just what thelist
> is.. me and seth are ironing these things out..

howzabout I throw a title attribute in that link so people can at least tell
what's going to happen when they click it? It is kind of confusing what with
its proximity to the sentence

> where else do we stand at 11pm CST? what else is a hard core thing that
> needs to be fixed so when people point to our site tomorrow, it works?

The only thing bugging me is the "sign up" issue. See message to come
shortly after this one.

> if anyone is on ICQ, add 49479164 to your contacts.. its jen's ICQ, but
> this is the only computer we have with internet untill we get DSL..


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