[thesite] couple things i've noticed so far today..

jeff jeff at members.evolt.org
Thu Dec 14 13:45:30 CST 2000


: From: Daniel J. Cody
: first off, kick ass job jeff. i fell asleep on my
: keboard last night so i didnt get that last icq
: you sent.. sorry :)

no problem.  i love the power of executive decision - hence so many not 100%
tested features have been turned off.  for whatever reason i couldn't get
the login (either kind) to work without leaving client cookies on.  but at
least the login works.

i finished up the registration process, including the integration with the
mailing list.  i would like very much to figure out how to allow an already
registered user to change their subscription options right there on the
spot, but i don't know where majorgumbo! stores that info.  a job for
another day i think.

for those that haven't noticed yet i added alittle feature that allows you
to m[in|ax]imize the sidebar.  it'll stay in the last state you set it for
as long as you're session is active.  i got the idea from martin who was
asking if we could have the ability to turn off admin stuff so we can surf
the site with someone and not have them see the extras we see and then got
the idea from isaac that made it possible.  thanks guys.

: go get some sleep..

wish i could, but i've got a full (ok, it's *way* more than full) day of
work ahead of me.

: 1.) performance is way way way better than the
: old site.. i was kinda doubting you jeffrey, but its
: very snappy under a full load

is this where i say something witty?  sorry, fresh out.  so, guess that
means i should say thanks.  thanks dan.

: 2.) we're seeing about a 3-4x increase in traffic
: today for unknown reasons.. i checked the referer
: logs and there aren't any major links or anything
: yet, so thats wack.. *shrug*


: 3.) check out: http://www.opera.com/press/articles.html
: - we're about halfway down in the first list.. cool.

very cool

: i've got my 'leaving work' party tonite at 5pm so i wont
: be around much tonite in case ther are any probs. i
: will have my cell, which is posted somewhere in the
: admin archive

cool.  enjoy

have a good one,


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