[thesite] lists site help

isaac isaac at members.evolt.org
Fri Dec 15 00:45:23 CST 2000

> I'm having a serious disconnect with my color sense. If somebody has some
> suggestions for a reddish color scheme for the new layout on
> list.evolt.org
> (similar to the greenish one on www.evolt.org), I'd love to hear them.

trying to mirror the khaki in red will only fail as faded reds too often
result in "oh, that's too close to pink".

here, i think your best bet is to darken the red background (try at least
660000) and even desat it a bit, and then make the internal style in shades
of silver. then use dark red for heading or links. perhaps black for
headings, dark red for links (and bright red for hover).

> (dave lists? does his ballast need adjusting?)



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