new site changes (was: RE: [thesite] some constructive criticism)

aardvark roselli at
Fri Dec 15 12:54:29 CST 2000

> From: McCreath_David <McCreath_David at>
> 1) I changed the text to #333333 and bumped it up to 12px. This looks good
> to me.

i assume just in the CSS, right?

> 2) I added underlines to the links *except* on the sidebar and the navbar at
> the top. To me the sidebar and navbar are such common places for links, I
> thought we could try it without them.

agreed... looks fine...

> My only comment is that I HATE the underline on the article title. WAY too
> distracting. I figure there are two options: Make a new style to remove the
> underline from the linked article titles on the home page OR just unlink the
> titles. I think I would prefer to have a new style, because the title is
> such an obvious thing to link.

class="title" is the style for the titles on the front page... try 
affecting that, first... you know, using the <a> style...

> 3) I took the nowrap attribute off the far left column because the larger
> text size was making the main content column sooooo narrow (at 640x480) that
> it lost importance. 

looks good... makes me wonder what removing it will break, since 
it had to have been there for a reason... not to worry now, though...

> 4) Just in case anyone missed it, yesterday isaac suggested adding some
> padding on the article page to get some breathing for large blocks of text. 

saw it...

> I also took the nowrap attribute off the date/subject cell in the upper left
> hand corner, and I have a comment about that. On the topics/centers that
> have small names (see Jobs), that left hand column becomes too narrow, IMO.
> I'd like to add a 1 x (datewidth) pixel spacer in the cell that has the
> "Print Article" link to set a minimum width for the column. Opinions?

not a bad idea, but we were trying eliminate spacer.gifs in order to 
allow the user and the content to determine the best way to display 
> So, have a gander at and chime in.

one other thing... the blacktabnavbarthingie is now broken from the 
content table, offset, and has misaligned images within it... this is 
in NN4.x... the live site doesn't have this problem...

are you *sure* you didn't munge any HTML, or add any new 
styles?  adding new styles or modifying the HTML very much at all 
will break everything from the style changer to how it displays...

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