new site changes (was: RE: [thesite] some constructive critic ism)

McCreath_David McCreath_David at
Fri Dec 15 14:38:39 CST 2000

Hi, Rudy --

(thanks for the pic, by the to see real faces attached to email

>except it's not taking effect in the sidebar for "Search 
>[Advanced Search]... Log In:... Remember Me" 

I didn't apply the change to those on purpose.

>but then kicks in for "Submit" and below

No, unfortunately, that's the style sheet being broken by Netscape. I'm
looking into it.

>... nope, just checked it NN6 and the entire sidebar is still in small 

Aaahhh... compliance... :)

My thinking was that all the stuff in the sidebar is, well, sidebar content,
not primary content. It was already smaller by 1px than the content text,
and I figured since it's all brief phrases, not full sentences that require
a lot of cognitive power, they could stay small and give visual precedence
to the article synopses.

I've just bumped it up to 11px instead of 10px and it doesn't seem to be
messing up the spacing too much. Is that easier to read, Rudy?

>> 2) I added underlines to the links 

Meaning "underlines...we don't need no stinking underlines?" I agree that it
doesn't look super great, but there really isn't a way to pick out links in
large blocks of text at this point.

>and that slidey "minimize sidebar" -- that seriously rocks

dunnit? Jeff plugged that in late on Wednesday night while we were putting
the final spit polish on the site and it is SO cool. I'm gonna use it on my
intranet site.

>god help us if david uploads a module from test to live and it clobbers 
>something that jeff has running only on the live site...  please say there 
>is no possibility of this happening, guys...

Yeah, well, I suppose ANYTHING is possible, but I'm being really careful. 

>the paranoid one

Paranoia is NOT a vice or a weakness.

thanks for the input.


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