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jeff jeff at
Fri Dec 15 14:53:59 CST 2000


: From: rudy
: special kudos to jeff (at least, i think it was jeff)
: for the "sorry, you cannot rate your own article"
: message i got yesterday  ;o)

not 100%, but pretty sure that'd be me that did that.  gotta make sure those
ratings are as unbiased as possible.  ;p

: and that slidey "minimize sidebar" -- that
: seriously rocks

thanks.  you can thank martin and isaac for giving me the idea that caused

: however, i can only see it in internet explorer -- is
: that like the rich edit thing that only works in ie now?
: and how come i can't see it on the test site?

nope, it's just straight up html - nothing fancy at all.

however, since it requires an active session to be maintained between pages
you'd have to be logged in to see it.  were you logged in with nn?

: god help us if david uploads a module from test to
: live and it clobbers something that jeff has running
: only on the live site...  please say there is no
: possibility of this happening, guys...

nope, can't guarantee that.  i'm not too worried about dave though.  he's
been working on this how long with killing anything?  *crosses fingers*



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