[thesite] new site CSS class="sidebar" = default font face

Elfur Logadottir elfur at lists.evolt.org
Fri Dec 15 16:52:20 CST 2000

From: "George Dillon" <george.dillon at ukonline.co.uk>

| The text in the right hand column (from Submit downwards)
which should be
| getting class="sidebar" is all in the default font face
(in Netscape
| Communicator 4.75).  Is this intentional?

OK, the difference that I spot is that the things before
submit have their own table wrapped around them, but from
submit and downwards there is no table surrounding things.

the sidebar cell is containing class="side", but also the
cells in the subtables before submit.

I'm going to try to change the sidebar on test.evolt.org and
will get back to you again, it's going to need testing later

*the celled one rests*

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