[thesite] the only solution?

McCreath_David McCreath_David at xmail.asd.k12.ak.us
Fri Dec 15 21:02:21 CST 2000

Hi, everybody --

After trying everything else first, I finally commented out the margin
attributes of the body definition in the style sheet, and it looks the same
(well, no space between nav and content) in all the browsers I have:
IE5.5/PC, IE5/Mac (nav menu isn't right aligned ?!?), IE4.5/Mac (itty-bitty
weirdness on the far right-hand side of the content table, but way less
troublesome than the NN4.x problem), NC4.75/PC, NC4.75/Mac, N6/Mac,

Can we live without the margin atts in the stylesheet? It seems to me at on
this point that correct display overrides stylesheet coolness.

BTW, I reverted back to the stylesheet from the live site to make sure I
hadn't f*cked it up earlier today, so don't be surprised by no underlines,
text size, etc.

If I can get a consensus on the margin thing, I'll plug the following
changes back into the stylesheet on the live site and call it an evening:

1) default text size up to 12px

2) remove the margin atts on body

3) underline the links, with the exception of the headlines, which will get
a new class (I prefer Elfur's suggestion of underlining ONLY inline links,
but I don't have time to figure that out right now)

4) sidebar text size up to 11px


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